Tash Allcock

Tash Allcock

Birth Year : 1997

Hometown: Worcester, UK

Currently Living: Same as above

Local climbing crag: Unfortunately, there isn't really a local crag!!

Favourite place you've climbed: Fontainebleau 

Most likely phrase to scream if you fall off a climb: I'll actually try next time

What's one thing your Dad always told you as a kid: "You should just take up cycling"

Best advice you could give to a younger you: Live to climb

Does pineapple go on pizza: Yes, of course it does. 


I've been climbing since the age of 5 when I went to a birthday party and got hooked, at the age of 8 I started competing in Midlands and national competitions, since then I have taken climbing to many different European countries, with my favourite place to climb being Font! I just love the feeling that climbing gives me, pushing myself to climb as hard as I can and enjoying myself at the same time, climbing has made me into who I am now, the people I have met within climbing are some of the most important people and I love to share my passion with them!