Sammy Oakes

Sammy Oakes

Birth Year : 2000

Hometown: Kinver, Staffordshire - small village near Stourbridge.

Currently Living: In Kinver

Local climbing crag: The Roaches/ My loft

Favourite place you've climbed:  Arco, Italy

Most likely phrase to scream if you fall off a climb: AAAARRRGGG! Why am I such a punter?!

What's one thing your Dad always told you as a kid: Hips in head away.

Best advice you could give to a younger you: Don’t fall off and keep climbing.

Does pineapple go on pizza: Always

I am a 16 year old climber from the west midlands. I started climbing at a very young age in a local leisure centre as my dad is a climbing instructor. From there I was hooked and haven’t stopped yet! I have taken part in numerous competitions, both British and in international events including European youth cups, the world youth championships and a senior  lead world cup. I am also a very keen outdoor climber both sport climbing and bouldering to the best of my ability.