Roberto Kroonsaare


Birth Year : 2002

Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia 

Currently Living: Brighton, UK 

Local climbing crag: Peak District (Not so local though) or Harrison's or Bowles. 

Favourite place you've climbed:  Peak District 

Most likely phrase to scream if you fall off a climb: Damm and after "it will go next go" 

Best advice you could give to a younger you: Start climbing, Train hard!!!

Does pineapple go on pizza: what a silly question course it does!

I have been climbing since October 2013. My first time climbing was at an Indoor climbing wall. My climbing started off with me climbing once every week or two, this has now swapped to about 4 times a week (making sure every session has a challenge in it, that being projects or training ). My climbing style I would describe as powerful and dynamic. In my climbing I think one of my biggest challenges is fitting into small bunched moves due to me being 6"4". I do also take part of competitions where I tend to do pretty well in hopes to one day be doing much bigger national competitions. Overall I love climbing because I find it very interesting and fun. In climbing you can usually have a few different ways to do climbs and if you are super bored start skipping holds or no matching for a harder challenge (This being my favourite thing to do / creating dynos) . Climbing offers many different experiences for me being favourite is the adrenaline achieved on certain climbs and heights/ moves.