Jon Churcher

Jon Churcher

Birth Year : 1973 

Hometown: Telford, Shropshire, UK

Currently Living: Birmingham, England

Local climbing crag: Not really got a local one, but Peal District is nearest

Favourite place you've climbed: Current favourite place is Parasellas Cave, North Wales, Because I had a brilliant training session there recently.

Most likely phrase to scream if you fall off a climb: ' I'm Going....!'  

What's one thing your Dad always told you as a kid: Never pay anyone to do a job for you, when you can do it yourself. 

Best advice you could give to a younger you: Be more adventurous, and take up climbing!

Does pineapple go on pizza: Absolutely. 


I started climbing occasionally 7 and 1/2 years ago. Then after a couple of years I wanted to take it further and trained for the Paraclimbing Series. As a registered blind and deaf person I compete in the B2 Visually Impaired category. Currently ranked 4th in the World. In 2013 I was selected for the GB Paraclimbing Team and this is now my 5th year. I do all types of climbing, including dry-tooling, sport, trad climbing - which I also lead. In between competing, in 2015 to promote paraclimbing, I was part of a small team which enabled me to become the first blind person to summit the Eiger in Switzerland (West Flank route).