About us

We manufacture high quality wooden training tools to help you project your climbing goals. Made by climbers for climbers, each one of our products is a reflection of our dedication to the climbing community and mutual passion to improve on the wall, at the crag and in the gym. 

So what makes us so special? All of our products are entirely handmade and precision shaped using custom tooling in our workshop, bespoke processes that we continue to hone and perfect as our product range evolves. Our commitment to using tough FSC hardwoods such as European Ash, Tulip and Beech ensures our products provide an optimal texture for training that matures with continued use whilst remaining smooth and finger-friendly, improving as you improve. And when we're not busy whittling and turning logs in the workshop, we're climbing and spending time with the community and our customers; figuring out what we can make next.

At Bison Grips we understand that you don't need to be strong to get strong, and whether you're new to climbing or looking to push your physical limits to the next level we'll be able to help. The only prerequisites are a bag of chalk and a dash of persistence.